Curtis the Inverted

Uurnog – Birds, Bombs, and Blocks

Nifflas is an OG indie game designer. Indie games really began to take off in the early to mid 2000s as development tools became easier to access and a generation raised on the 8 & 16 styles of the 80s and 90s emerged both as creators and consumers. Some of the games I remember fondly […]

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Abzû – There Be Whales Here

Abzû is a game where you swim in the ocean. You look at fish and explore sea caves. You can ride on big fish. Sometimes you can ride on squids. Graphics: Let’s get the important thing out of the way: this is one of the best looking games I’ve ever played. The artwork is the selling […]

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Oh, Deer! – Don’t Fear the Deer

Over the deer and through the deer to grandmother’s house we go. That’s how I remember the old song and Necrosoft Games have brought that song to life in Oh, Deer!*. I grew up in the American Midwest so I can attest to the accuracy of this game. Once you left the safety of the […]

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Mega Man 2.5D – Fangame Man

Fan games and ROM hacks are a mixed bag. Most of them have good intentions. The intentions presumably being to share one’s love of a video game franchise by making your own version to share. I’ve explored a bunch of these games over the years and found a lot of fun along with a whole […]

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Is this a game that has wizards in it? Yes. Can you be a wizard in this game? Yes. Final game score: 10/10 . . . Gunmetal Arcadia Zero is pretty much right my alley as far as awesome game stuff goes. It’s a retro style 2D exploration platformer. A Metroidvania if you will. Well… […]

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I likes me a good shooter. Flying around in a little space ship blasting things is one of the most fundamental aspects of video games since pretty much forever. Spacewar! and Space Invaders being two of the earliest video games of note. All you really need are some cool graphics and some nice sound effects […]

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Note: I received this as part of a Humble Monthly Bundle. In recent months they’ve added “Humble Original” games to the bundle. Which are games that are games that haven’t been released yet, and are often borderline experimental. This is one of those. I’m not sure you could actually buy it if you wanted. Visit […]

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There is a story to ‘Avalanche 2: SUPER Avalanche,’ and I assure you that it’s a super important story. It is a story about a wizard. And all stories about wizards are important. Why anyone would read a story or play a game or listen to some music that wasn’t about wizards, by wizards, and […]

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