Henry Demos

Henry Demos plays bass for his day job in the band Nice Legs. It rules. He also talks trash on twitter so come join him!

Mana Spark – Freeview

FREEview:  Mana Spark FREEview is our weekly review of totally free shit.  All honey, no money! Lemme get this off my chest real quick:  I love rogue-likes.  It was the 199something Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 that cursed me to forever heed that genre’s call.  Probably more of a siren song really.  So basically I love to […]

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Super Crate Box – FREEview

FREEview:  Super Crate Box FREEview is our weekly review of totally free shit.  All honey, no money! It is stupidly hard to review a game you can’t stop playing.  I boot it up and promise to only play for five more minutes.  I have a review to write after all!  Two fucking hours later, I […]

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