Bokida – Heartfelt CPU Meltdown

Full Disclosure: Monseigneur Extrodinaire Dev A.V. gave me a free copy of Bokida to play, review, what have you. Moving up in the world! (I think he got sick of my whinging. Victory is mine!)


Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion


Holy crap this one has been a long time coming. I’m aware that games don’t magically pop out of a hat, I mean, not until the mythical Unity 6 comes anyway. (Finally support for hat-popping 2.0 and higher!) But, I’ve been playing demos for this game all over the place for like 2 years, which, frankly speaking, when you have the attention span of a mentally challenged rooster, is several lifetimes plus a few episodes of Wild Kingdom with that super monotone guy.

But, amongst the opposite of gnashing of teeth, Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion is finally out, and we’re finally able to bask in its mostly monochrome glory. As far as I can tell from Chapter 3, Bokida is the story of the Messenger (you) trying to get what appear to be two erm… planets? dudes?, one black (yin) and one white (yang), back together for some hot interplanetary action. You can get them together by completing puzzles that activate what they call touchstones, which each activated touchstone dragging the two ever so slightly closer to the imminent gravitation explosion. Hawt.


Too soon man. Too soon.
Bokida – Black hole sun, won’t you come…


As the Messenger, you have basic tools (Build, Cut, Push, and Clean) and a few other tricks up your sleeve.* With Build you can build these blue/green blocks on the landscape, and drag yourself closer to them. With Cut you can chop the blocks into specific shapes, leaving orange debris to fall to the ground (depending on your current gravitational situation), and with Clean you can remove all blocks and debris from the area. These tools don’t just allow you to solve puzzles, they let you get around the world easily as well. Instead of a Yogscast nerdpole, the Bokida Build drag will send you flying towards any block you’ve placed, no matter how high or far away. Stairs are for chumps. You can also build a bridge as you’re walking on it, which is pretty fun, as long as you don’t suddenly move the mouse and end up flinging yourself off into the sky somehow.

With that said, the controls are pretty fluid, and the environment is very forgiving. I was flinging myself all over the place, and only very rarely did I ever get frustrated with not being able to get somewhere after I got the hang of how to Build a block, latch onto it, and then build another one, and repeat.


Bokida – Sweet Nerd Pole Action


Overall, I like the feel of the game. I like the voice acting in the cut scenes, they must have spent a lot o that because the person reading has had considerable training. This might not be as apparent if you don’t speak Korean** but trust me, she’s legit. I like how bare the world dressing is, any sort of detail just pops right out at you, even from a distance. I like the puzzles, as well. So far they haven’t been too challenging, but the level design is good, so you can understand what you need to do (even if you don’t know how to do it) readily.

Here’s a stream I did of the first little bit until my computer decided it had had enough of my bullshit. Please use this as only a guide to how the game looks and feels, I am not on point with the narration, as I’m constantly worried about my compy dying and also scalding my fingers. (Early retina MacBooks really, really, reeeally, didn’t have their shit together when it came to temperature regulation, externally at least)



*Do we have sleeves? I mean what is the Messenger?

** Haha, yeah I’m a trilingual douche. Suck it. 🙂