The Path Ahead – Underdev’d

We (TheInverted and I) are making a wizarding simulator. We’ve been working on it off and on for a few months, and it’s getting to the point where we probably have an idea with legs. Because there is no point in eating when Instagram is down, I’d like to periodically do an Underdev’d dev log, […]

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BitSummit 7 Burping Spirits

Ain’t no party like a BitSummit river party ’cause a BitSummit river party ends in tears. So, another BitSummit has come and gone and I saw some games and I have some thoughts. Thoughts and games. That is what we do here. Fresh games and Burpy thoughts. I didn’t really detect any distinct trends this […]

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UD #6 – The Art of Giving Up

Giving up is sometimes the right thing to do.

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The ReBurpining 2019

Welcome, ladies and gentlemans to Burpy Fresh Dot Com. Cutting to the chase before I get into some more personal deals. This website has been mostly dead for the last few* months and I wish to make it slightly more alive. I have a couple of plans for that beginning with the Burpy Stream Show. […]

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Busan Indie Connect 2018 Rundown

Okay, a couple weeks late, but here’s your Belchy Burpy Recap of Busan Indie Connect 2018! Wooooooo! BIC is good times for those of us based in Korea. It’s nice to have something on our home turf where we know all the good restaurants to take people too. Makes us feel important. Always fun to […]

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BitSummit 6 – Run Down Hoe Down

Hoe Down, y’all. Play that funky music. Went to BitSummit Volume 6 in Kyoto over the weekend. Played some great indie games, reconnected with old friends, and made some new ones. A good time was had by all.  Here are some thoughts on what I saw: Trends: The Switch: The Switch is the trend. Period. A […]

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Seoul Indies – December Line Up

A belated and half-hearted Happy New Year’s to everyone. We’ve had a good break here, and by good, I mean it took me 3 weeks to pick up ourselves from the tear-soaked bathroom floor where my hopes and dreams have gone to die, to drag myself out to December’s Seoul Indies. Which kinda cheered me […]

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Back to Japan – Otaru and Mega Night

TLDR: Japan is for drinking. While I can’t say this statement has been true for my whole life, or for even times as recent as 10 years ago, I do loves me some Japan. I think after moving out of the country, we needed a few years apart to grow and develop, and now that […]

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GStar – Worth it? Probably not.

I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and go to GStar in Busan. Was it worth it? Kinda. Here’s the breakdown.   The Good     1. Busan Indie Connect (BIC) has a fairly large pity booth at the side of the event. I’m pretty sure the conversation went like this:  Busan Government […]

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Underdev’d #3 – Learning Blender

Welcome back to Game Dev with the Underdev’d #3. We’ve come along way people. Burpy Fresh’s first game ever has been met with incredible critical approval. Three downloads! Admittedly, developing something that requires 4 PS2 controllers was likely not a good idea. Onwards and upwards! Fast forward a year. Nothing has happened. Yay! Basically, I’ve […]

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