Underdev’d #2 – Controller Clash

As alluded to in the last Game Dev with the Underdev’d, here at Burpy Fresh, we love writing about games, but we also love making them. We’re proud to announce the alpha version of our very first game, Controller Clash. Now available on for Mac. (Windows etc coming soon, we had to rush to […]

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BitSummit 2017 – Arcane Musings

Did up  BitSummit 2016 with my boy Doug last weekend. Had a good time talking to Indie Game folks and playing their games. He’ll post more picture as he is good at that. My picture are all blurry and make BitSummit look like more of a drugged up rave than it was. Here are some brief […]

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Game Dev With The UnderDev’d #1

I’m going to be frank. I’m shit at making awesome things. Or rather, I’m really good at making a lot of slightly-better-than-mediocre things. Jack of some trades, master of (break out laughing here). But this is not another exercise in getting off on self-deprecation.* What I’m going to introduce today is basically the culmination of what I’ve learned […]

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LocJam Japan – Thoughts

Speak Japanese and English? Interested in video games, especially indie video games? Want a good way to put those Japanese skills to good use? Or maybe do you want to really find out how terrible your Japanese has become since you’ve left Japan 12 years ago with a bonus crushing reminder of how you’ve how […]

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