Drawkanoid – Bullet Time Arcade

Arkanoid is totally not my game. There was an old cabinet in the student union back in Wizard College*, and I had friends who could clear it! Much respect, because, for whatever reason, I could never figure it out. Yet, my whole life I’ve always put quarters into that damn game. It just looks so cool. All space themed, with bouncing and explosions…

Boing! Ping!

So along comes Drawkanoid from QCF Design, makers of the *choice* Roguelike Desktop Dungeons. The gimmick here is that the ball slows down to bullet times when it gets close to the bottom and you draw a paddle with your mouse to redirect it. It’s a simple concept, but it turns the twitch geometry of Arkanoid into a more chilled out puzzle game.


You can pick your spots and choose your angles more carefully. Blocks ‘splode into pretty sparkles! There are Space Invader looking bosses to blast! I still kind of stink at it, but it’s fun to play and to look at. To mitigate my terribleness there’s an upgrade system where you buy… ummm… upgrades…  Bigger paddles! Much damage! Etc!

Space Invaders Boss Thing GO!

I played this on PC as part of the Humble Monthly early release, but I’m guessing we’ll see this for mobile fairly soon. I mean, it’s fun on the PC, but this is going to be a great time killer on your phone of the Switch when it’s finished. Keep an eye out for it.

The video crops all funny. I don’t know what happened. Deal. I’m pretty pleased with my commentary so I’m not redoing it. 

*More of a Bard College, but it wasn’t Bard College.