Eversion – Mario vs. Cthulhu

Just in time to be three weeks late for Halloween it’s a genuine Lovecraft inspired fun time here at Burpy Fresh with Eversion by Zaratustra Productions. And just because we like to only review the freshest games here this is an old platformer from 2008. Fortunately, this kind of thing is right up my alley as I was a huge fan of these types of games back in the day. Eversion is reminiscent of Cave Story, Within a Deep Forest, Knytt, and countless other awesome games from the dawn of the indie era.

Eversion doesn’t really hide it’s roots

Sure, the controls are a bit clunky in these older games. Eversion reminds me of nothing more that the somewhat infamous Super Mario knockoff The Great Giana Sisters in it’s no frills approach to ripping off a classic.*  The graphics a bit basic, even more so that the other pixel art games of the time.  But the thing that these early indie games has was ideas, man! They were trying new things in contrast to the console games that were increasingly becoming sterile. These games took some of the basic ideas of platforming games and pushed them forward… into the abyss… where there are only the dark gods from beyond the stars…

Sometimes when I sit alone in a melancholy state staring at the cavorting figures that shine from my computational box trying to vainly move my hapless avatars through ever increasing torturous hells of sharpened blades and jets of fire I begin to think about what dark nameless gods look down upon their worlds. Whither does my portly plumber go when he imbibes too much of nameless colored fungus found amongst the all seeing distant hills and then slips and falls into a yawning chasm? Do I die? Is this but a trip to the dreamlands where I cannot die but live again only to behold the infinite horrors laid out before me yet again? What nameless shapeless deity finds this amusing?

Horrible claw hand is horrible

Sorry, don’t know what came over me…

Anyhow, Eversion’s gimmick is that there are different increasingly freaky “layers” to each level that you must navigate. At certain points in the level you find areas that let you travel between the layers of reality. Certain blocks are destructible only in certain layers. Some paths are only open in others. Ultimately, it’s a slick little puzzle game where you have to use the properties of multiple layers to collect all the things.

Oh, good. Everything is melting into blood.

Eversion is a quick play. About 30 minutes for an initial run through, and another hour to collect all this shiny things. It has a genuinely creepy aesthetic and some bumping tunes. You can download it for free here, or check out the premium version on Steam for a couple bucks.

*The recent remakes of the Giana Sisters games are awesome. I will play them for this site maybe someday.