Haunted PS1 Demo Disk – Part 1

One of the coolest things I’ve come across in the last months is the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk. It’s a compilation of a bunch of horror themed indie games in the style of the august PlayStation 1. Now, the PS1 is not a machine I have a ton of nostalgia for, aesthetically speaking, but I absolutely *love* that there is a dedicated group of horror devs that wants to explore the janky textures and wonky controls of that old warhorse. I am the hype to go through these games over the next month or so and see what turns up.

Tasty Ramen

Tasty Ramen is an appropriate game about shopping in the time of Corona. You need to escape a convenience store while being hunter by a horrifying anthropomorphic ramen mascot. You can distract it by throwing ramen packets for it to eat (filthy cannibal that it is), but mostly the game-play is a combination of stealth and running for your butt’s life. It’s cute and fun and terrifying and accurate to my lifestyle.

Rating: Three post-cheese-ramen-binge burps

A Place, Forbidden

Short, sweet, with solid creepy atmosphere. A Place, Forbidden plays like a H.P. Lovecraft short story. You arrive in a library. The library is FORBIDDEN, but that doesn’t stop you as you are looking for lost occult knowledge. You solve a couple puzzles, and then you learn too much FORBIDDEN knowledge! I really dug on the writing here.

Rating: A Burp, Forbidden

Neko Yume

I don’t even know what is Neko Yume. This is like the time I was a cat and took too much acid. More a trippy art project where you navigate crazy cat infested hellscapes than anything else. This inspired me to create wild 3D lofi landscapes, and I appreciate any game that provides me with muse.

Rating: No burps, but a big pixelated hairball