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Seoul Indies – August, 2017

Seoul Indies is something that is worth more of our time.

It’s a place to watch or give presentations on anything game related, a place to talk and play video games, and a place to drink cheap Korean beer. Most importantly, it’s a place to see if your idea is shit, or something you should keep working on. It’s run mostly by Marc Flury (of Thumper fame) and Sun Park (of 6180 the Moon fame). They do an awesome job of keeping a somewhat disjointed English & Korean speaking crowd on topic and interested.

Most important, they put up with my heckling. That’s like 20 bonus points right frickin’ there. Oh, they’re also kinda the reason I’ve been able to meet a lot of people in the game dev community here and in Japan, and have been inspiration for me to put out my first game.

(Note, the horrible quality of anything I put out should not be attributed to them in any way. Only the good stuff.)

Every month, I’d like to give a bit of a summary of what was presented or talked about, in this weird sort of blog format. This month, there were no presenters, what with the summer vacation winding down, and everyone gearing up for TGS/PAX/BIC season.

BIC might be the odd one out here now, but hopefully not forever. The Busan Indie Connect Festival (Sept 15-17), on it’s third year, got the moxy to try to bite at the big leagues in a few years. Many of the people in Seoul Indies are somehow connected with BIC, as Seoul doesn’t really have any sort of proper game exhibition on its own. It might seem like a weird location, but Busan pulls out all the stops every year. They have this screen that’s like 8 stories tall for video game competitions. They’re also right next to the beach where the after party starts and finishes. (Current record for phones lost in an evening is 3. Can we beat this this year!)

If you’re in Busan you should go.

Next month, with everything indie in Asia winding down until almost BitSummit, Seoul Indies will be back with more games and more hanging out, and actual content. Next meet up is September 28th.

Come on down!