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Seoul Indies, October 2017

Another month has passed, and with that comes another Seoul Indies! Next month, I’ll be in Japan instead of indies, so let’s make this month count that much extra.

Heh. Nah, I’m gonna half ass it like I always do. This week there were 4 presentations, two I hadn’t seen before.

Daily Dungeon – 1506 – PC (iPhone soon?)

Daily Dungeon – 1506

If Enter the Gungeon met a platformer, this would be it. It’s hard as balls, and now you have to make jumps while dodging bullets. I think I would throw the controller in frustration about 2 minutes in, but I can see how a lot of people would like this game. Basically, you jump and gun your way around until you can find you way to a boss or the next level. The team at 1506 have a lot of experience with platformers and it shows with this. The game is hard, but it does give you a chance. For example, take an extra half second to spawn, and during this time, you see a Bubble Bobble style … erm… bubble at the spawn point, giving you enough time to react.

The game is called Daily Dungeon, because everyone plays the same levels every day. The levels aren’t completely randomly generated, but rather are customizable with randomized bits. There’s a lot of replayability here due to the constantly changing levels, and the ability to challenge your friends to the same level that day.

The first boss is a mohawk sporting fish that seems to be wearing a crusader costume.

I’m in.


Beatris – Rhybad – PC


Beatris – Rhybad

Beatris, is like Tetris that where the pieces fall to the beat. Getting lines in the traditional manner is a basic mechanic of the game, but since the piece drop rate is more irregular, there are a few more things going on. Grey filler blocks fill up the screen as the song goes on, and matching up certain colours will allow you to smash through or get rid of them, even without getting a line. I don’t fully understand the mechanic, but you can check it out for yourself here.


To The Hell – Single Core Games – PC

To The Hell – Single Core Games

To The Hell is always a crowd favorite at Seoul Indies, as well as BIC and other events. It’s like Downwell, but upwards, and with a shit ton of firepower and huge bosses. It’s straight up shooty fun. That’s about all I have to say. (We’ve talked about it a few times briefly, we’ll do a proper review on it soon.)


Racers: Dirt – 21c Ducks


Racers: Dirt – 21c Ducks

Racers: Dirt is another title that’s been around the …erm … track and back. It’s a modern take on a dusty RC Pro Am clone. They were at Seoul Indies to get people using their new multiplayer battle mode. Fun. We’ll do proper one on this eventually too, if we can ever get a PS4 and a TV. ă… ă… 

That’s the rundown. Next month, I’ll be in Japan, so we’ll see what happens from there. (Good times? Good times!)