There is a story to ‘Avalanche 2: SUPER Avalanche,’ and I assure you that it’s a super important story. It is a story about a wizard. And all stories about wizards are important. Why anyone would read a story or play a game or listen to some music that wasn’t about wizards, by wizards, and for wizards is beyond me.




Once upon a time there was a block wizard with a rad cape and a cool chicken space bro friend. They stole a magic wand from some jerk marshmallow people. The the wizard flew off and summoned a bunch of blocks to crush all the jerk-mallows on account of them being jerks and dumb and squishy. As the “hero” of the story (or rather “yet another wizard oppressing avatar”) you must climb on falling blocks and step on the heads of monsters in the vain hope that the wizard will stop squishing you and all your jerk friends. Also, there are flying squids.

So, then… now… where was I… okay… things about this game:


Art – The sprite art is quality and supercute. Nice bright colors. Simple yet good looking design. Basically all you could want from a retro-platformer let’s-party-like-it’s-1995 type of game. I’m personally a sucker for old-school inspired sprite art, and Avalanche 2 does it for me. So, there you go.


Controls –  The controls are really tight. The basics of the game are pretty bog standard platformer. You can move left or right and jump. You jump on things to kill them. Including the squids. You can wall jump and pick up powerups. The difference is that Avalanche is a vertical scroller. You need to wait for the blocks to pile up to progress. Sort of like those horrible later levels in Castlevania 3, but fun. Like, you don’t need to cheese it and turn into a bat to get past this game. Sometimes, there is a boss fight. Sometimes, the boss is a squid.


Incentives – You can collect coins as you climb and jump and stomp. You can use the coins to buy power-ups during your run, or hoard them to spend in a customization shop in between runs. You can buy new colors or faces for your minimalist marshmallow-y sprite. There are also power-ups or level skips you can buy. None of this seems strictly necessary considering the elegant simplicity of the base game, but there are enough incentives here to push you to play a little bit more without crossing in to mobile-game-grind territory. So, no harm, no foul.


Wizards – There is a wizard in this game. So full points in this category.
Ultimately, Avalanche 2: SUPER Avalanche is just good time. Simple, yet engrossing game-play. One of those games you can play for fifteen minutes at a time, or get obsessed with over a couple hours. On a scale of one to tarrasque, I rate this a solid gelatinous cube falling from the sky.  

Here is a stream I did for the game. Awesome as I am, I had some technical issues and got cut off in the beginning. Deal with it, fool.