BitSummit 6 – Run Down Hoe Down

Hoe Down, y’all. Play that funky music. Went to BitSummit Volume 6 in Kyoto over the weekend. Played some great indie games, reconnected with old friends, and made some new ones. A good time was had by all.  Here are some thoughts on what I saw: Trends: The Switch: The Switch is the trend. Period. A […]

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BitSummit 2017 – Best or Bestest?

Holy crap it’s been a hell of a week. Work’s been blowing up, it looks like North Korea wants to blow up the world like just a little bit more now, and oh yeah, and BitSummit happened! The Burpy Crew (TM?) just got back from Kyoto, and boy are our thumbs tired! Hahaha! I kid, […]

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BitSummit 2017 – Arcane Musings

Did up  BitSummit 2016 with my boy Doug last weekend. Had a good time talking to Indie Game folks and playing their games. He’ll post more picture as he is good at that. My picture are all blurry and make BitSummit look like more of a drugged up rave than it was. Here are some brief […]

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