Florence isn’t really a game. And that’s okay by me.

As someone who is often inspired more by electronic toys like Vectorpark’s Windosill, and some of the interactive stories from Tell Tale Games, (definitely not Jurassic Park, and not a good chunk of Sam and Max either. Shame on you Tell Tale for gonking that franchise up.) I really enjoy non-game titles, because they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable/possible on whatever electronic device you choose to interact with. It’s refreshing.

But, I don’t want to call Florence an interactive story. You can’t interact with the story, you just kinda help it on its way in some strangely intuitive ways. There are no puzzles to solve, just to finish. There are no challenges to the player overcome, but an overflowing sea of them for Florence, the main character. You’re a fly on the wall with some super mild telekinetic/psychic abilities that push you up against a Malkovichian grate that lets you stick a finger through and smell the room.

But not in a creepy way.

I guess I would call it an interactive experience? But even that sounds forced. I uploaded some screenshots, but I don’t really want to use them. I think it’s probably best just to play this one through for yourself.