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Humble Korean Mobile Bundle

The mainstream Korean mobile game scene contains a whole bunch of garbage. Like a planet of garbage. Mostly it’s just basically re-skins of Progress Quest, where you slowly grind levels so that you can see bigger numbers. I guess that’s mobile gaming in a nutshell world wide, but the current Korean scene seems pretty trash heap to me. Partly this is because I am a huge snob.

And good news for snob, wizards, and the like is that the good folks at Humble Bundle put together a Made in Korea mobile bundle. It’s well worth the five bucks. The charity du juor is SpecialEffect. So, you can buy these and even help some people. Good for you. There’s a week left on it at time of this writing*. I thought I’d run it down quick like.

I.F.O. by Total Battery

This game is number one and the best. Worth your paltry $1. A fun little shooter that looks like an old Tiger Electronics handheld, but plays like a modern game. Shoot aliens. Save farm animals. Get power-ups. This is really addictive and one of only a handful of twitch action games that I’ve found to be playable on mobile. Here’s a Burpy rundown of Totaly Battery’s games.

the SilverBullet by Byulbram Studio

Neat little top down zombie shooter. I didn’t get too far into this one yet, but what I played was fun. Found the grenade throwing mechanic to be a little bit tricky to use.

Dim Light by SANBAE

Atmospheric mobile survival horror. Slick monochrome graphics. You have a flashlight that can only illuminate a small triangular area. Pretty low key in the beginning, but then OMG WHAT ARE THOSE ZOMBIE BUG THINGS RUN. Good times.

Sally’s Law by Nanali Studios

So, I guess the Law is that Sally is some horrible ball person! She must roll everywhere! It is body horror much worse than the ZOMBIE BUG things from Dim Light. This is a two part plat-former where you initially roll sally through a level and then you go back and roll her father through a different path in the level removing obstacles from Sally’s path. Because he is a caring father even though he is distant, he is protecting his daughter. Also, he is a ghost. When did simple little puzzle games like this start to add touching stories to basic puzzle-y game-play? I blame Braid. I mean, I ain’t need to know the feelings of the 1 x 4 block to enjoy Tetris. I don’t care about it’s life. I just want it to clear blocks.

Replica by SOMI 

This game is also great. Worth the $5 for the top tier. Some not wizard reviewed it a while ago on some site. I’m looking forward to SOMI’s new game “Legal Dungeon.” Got a look at it at BICFest, but it is currently only available in Korean and my Korean reading is the sucks, so text heavy games are out.

REDDEN by Team Bulosodeuk

This one I didn’t spend a ton of time with. Guide an arrow or a bullet through some gorgeous art work.

6180 the Moon by Turtle Cream

This one has been on Steam a while and now it’s on Android! Hooray! It’s a high difficulty plat-former with the gimmick that gravity is very low and you can jump right off the top of the screen and come back in from the bottom. It’s fun, but I can help but feel that the lack of precision on the Android touch pad makes this less fun than it should be. I’m really keen to try this out with a proper controller. Burpy Fresh reviewed the Steam version here. 

*If you come to this post late go get I.F.O. and Replica. In my snobbish opinion those are the two gems here.

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BitSummit 2017 – Best or Bestest?

Holy crap it’s been a hell of a week. Work’s been blowing up, it looks like North Korea wants to blow up the world like just a little bit more now, and oh yeah, and BitSummit happened! The Burpy Crew (TM?) just got back from Kyoto, and boy are our thumbs tired! Hahaha! I kid, I kid. That’s just arthritis. #old


Parappa is fricking hard with this mess.
Yes, that controller actually works.


Though this year’s event was held in the smaller first floor space at Kyoto’s massive Miyako Messe, it was packed to the gills with an almost unfathomable amount of electronic resplendence that, in a different time, would have been wrapped in gold, silk, and maybe myrrh, and presented to the richest merchants and royalty visiting from the lands around.

But, no one gives a shit about royalty anymore and the richest merchants now have cocaine, so we get all the goodness to ourselves. And there was a lot of it. Too much to cover in just two days. The bar was set really high this year, in fact I can’t remember any title that I didn’t think was quality.

Here’s what I liked the best.


Galak-Z Cosplay. On point.


GALAK-Z – Super polished transformation shooter gets a suitable VR finish. In VR, you act as the captain on a stage. Currently the stage is still being implemented but having menus being ever present, but just off to the side seems way way more streamlined to me. It’s kinda like how the Enterprise stage was set up so that the captain could always turn to a certain set direction to get a certain type of information. I’m not sure if this is exactly the direction they’re going to go with this, but I’m excited to see what comes out.

Figment – This gorgeous puzzle game reminds me of Toe Jam & Earl, but if Toe Jam & Earl was actually a good game and had a great art style. You’re this Tingle-looking dude and you wander around putting things in things to make the most fantastical contraptions YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE do your bidding in the most abstract puzzle-adventury way. Magical.


Line Wobbler – Two player 1-D fun!


Line Wobbler – Billed as the 1-D RPG, this installation piece is actually two copies of the same game. You’re a green dot, and you have to take out all of the red and pink dots to win. Wobble the stick to produce a deadly yellow attack! It’s surprisingly fun for a string of multicoloured lights. I got into it. There are about 10 levels but I’d like to see a bit of an extension…maybe to 1.5D?



Paper Garden – If anyone knows how to do VR, it’s Vitei Backroom. Holy crap they’re amazing. They’re back this year with a new beautiful prototype based on throwing magical paper planes to hit special targets hidden through a magical garden. Basically, the game feels like throwing darts that you have a lot more control over. Many VR games feel restricted because… well.. it’s really hard to traverse terrain when you’re tired to a bunch of wires that are tied to your console and probably a TV that you don’t want to see on the ground. VB has solved the VR translation movement problem by setting teleport points around the world that you can access by throwing planes to them in a way that still feels immersive. If I were to have one complaint it would be that I kept punching myself in the balls trying to grab the planes floating around me. That might be conceived as a benefit to future generations though.


I.F.O. by Total Battery


I.F.O. – Burpy Fresh loves some Total Battery. We always love some Total Battery. We always will love some Total Battery

Pawarumi – A shooter that is so fresh, so clean. It’s amazing to look at. I got killed super quick, but I suck at these types of games.

And of course, all of these favourites from previous BitSummits and BICFests etc, Arena Gods, Read Only Memories: 2064 (Now in Japanese!), and Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess.

Finally, I want to say Nidhogg 2, which everyone said was there but for some reason I couldn’t find. I looked for TWO DAYS for that thing, so if it was there, I’m a fucking idiot. If not, I got punked by like 10 people.

Gah. So many good games. So much inspiration to make an actual good game. Speaking of, that’s what I’m going to do now. Until next year BitSummit!



Total Battery – Gameographies

Straight up, Gon Lee of Total Battery is a frickin’ machine. Dude, has like a wife and two kids, a full time job (at his father’s battery company aptly named, you guessed it, Total Battery), and he still manages to put out a game every few months.

I, on the other hand, woke up at 12 today, spent 4 hours changing up like 100 yuan at the bank, and then I came home to take a nap. I even took a 30 minute break to watch YouTube after writing that sentence. Fuck me, I’m wasting my life. (Ten more minutes after this one.)

I digress, again. Total Battery puts out some crazy cool games. Most of them use that old LCD Game and Watch aesthetic, with simple well-tuned controls and gameplay to match. None of them are large enough to do a whole article on each, so lucky you, you get a gameography. Here’s every title I know they’ve put out so far.


I.F.O. – iOS, Windows, Mac

I.F.O. - Total Battery
I.F.O. – Total Battery


In Identified Flying Object, out just last week, you pilot an old-school prop plane, and get into Snoopy vs Red Baron style dog flights with aliens pulling Defender-style lifts of cattle, and power-ups, and power-up cattle from the planet. Shoot the aliens, save the cows and absorb their sweet sweet buffy innards, kill the bosses to get ahead.

I have mixed feelings about this game. Hear me out. What if the “aliens” are actually just trying to save the cows from prop plane absorption or ending their lives on a dinner plate? What if they’re actually from the Alpha Centaurian branch of PETA, trying to save one of Earth’s most peaceful and intelligent species from destruction to give them a life of dignity and grace?? And you’re SHOOTING THEM FROM THE SKY!?!

Hmm… I’d probably still shoot them, too, but… um… moving on.*

Escape! Skeleton.J – iOS

Who is J
Escape! Skeleton.J – Total Battery


Escape! Skeleton.J is a runner, and a boss battler?  You gotta take your weird little skeleton dude, and outrun a mob of angry townspeople as they chase you down for collecting all of their purple poo. The more poo you collect, the better… for some knight dude anyway, because at the end of the level you get shot and your spirit and collected purple poo gets absorbed so that the knight dude can try to defeat some other dude. It’s kinda like an 80s soap opera, you know where Jill and Katherine duke it out only to find out that they’re actually mother and daughter…for a bit? You know, plot twists. Yeah, I don’t get the end part, but it’s fun. Gon tried to explain it to me, but I was too busy playing to listen.

Try it yourself and see if you can figure it out. You can also fart in it. I’m down with that.

Nightmare – iOS

Nightmare - Total Battery
Nightmare – Total Battery


Nightmare is a run and shoot that behaves a lot like 1943 or Galaga but with a running dude trying to kill a bunch of enemies and escape some sort of nightmare. I can really relate to the dude, being 40 and still Skyping into my parent’s basement every week or so. (Yes, I’ll cut my hair, mom. No, I haven’t joined another cult, mom.)

There’s a wide variety of enemies and bosses and it doesn’t feel restrictive like an actual Game and Watch game does. Controls are tighter on I.F.O., but give this one a shot too.


R.Hood – iOS

R.Hood - Total Battery
R.Hood – Total Battery


Okay this one is clever, but I wish it had the same Game and Watch feel. You play as R.Hood (abbreviated for copyright reasons? Maybe to avoid the Diznee hounds?) walking through the woods, violently swinging around a woodsman or other characters to beat the ever loving shit out of some hungry bouncily attacking wolf heads. Spin your dude too fast and they’ll get dizzy, and they won’t be able to save you. If things get intense you do have a board wipe or two, but for the most part, you’re just going to get mobbed and eaten alive.

Older fairy tales are the best. So family friendly.

I Hate Santa! – Windows, Mac

This is the last title I know about. I think Gon belted this out in a week for a game jam at some point. If think society is not doing enough to help the war on Christmas, then you’re int he right place. In I Hate Santa!, your job is to destroy santa before he can enter your small, poorly drawn, one room house to give you a present. You have three traps at your disposal and you need to mash on them to keep Santa at bay.


My current high score is 2. (The controls are horrific, but then again it only took one week of dev.)


Right, so that’s Total Battery. They’re on Facebook or something. Go check them out. I’m going to work on my game now. I feel like I need to… actually do something. #motivated #butforhowlong?

*That’s a joke, PETA, a mildly humourous JOKE. You remember, humour? From back before you ascended to not eating anything that casts a shadow? No? Tough room.