David Lynch – “Teaches” Typing

Full Disclosure: I downloaded this “game” like everyone else. I’ve never felt so pleb.      Here at Burpy Fresh, we try to remain positive when reviewing games. We tend to pass over games we dislike rather than be negative. But sometimes, we just can’t stay silent. David Lynch is a habitual line-stepper, and enough is […]

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Chuchel – Thank You

I love point-n-click adventure games. Even before mobile saved their asses I loved them. I have fond memories of going to my friend’s house and play Sierra games on his 286 until they physically kicked me out of the house, boot to rear. I’m glad we didn’t have Facebook then.     I’ve always been a sucker […]

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Full Disclosure: Bought the game. Pleb. Yes, yes. Tired joke. Since the game only takes 10 minutes to finish, we’re gonna do this quick.   Is Polyventure worth buying? No. Is the OST for Polyventure worth buying? Probably yes. Is Polyventure worth playing? Mild yes.   It’s walking simulator, but it’s a super pretty one. […]

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Subsurface Circular – Robotic Zork

Full Disclosure: I bought this game like a pleb. I’m just going to get a shirt that says “I’m with Pleb.” and wear it from now on. It’s finally 2018. A fresh-ish new year. Why not start the year off with a review of something fresh? …from 2017… because I didn’t check the date on […]

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Underdev’d #3 – Learning Blender

Welcome back to Game Dev with the Underdev’d #3. We’ve come along way people. Burpy Fresh’s first game ever has been met with incredible critical approval. Three downloads! Admittedly, developing something that requires 4 PS2 controllers was likely not a good idea. Onwards and upwards! Fast forward a year. Nothing has happened. Yay! Basically, I’ve […]

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Engare – Geometry, But Fun

Not to be confused with Geometry Butt Fun, out next year on the Nintendrix Switch.     I saw Engare this weekend on the Indie Game Developers Facebook group, and decided to give it a go, since it just released on Steam and was on sale. I’m a sucker for a discount. It’s a game […]

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Figment – Your Dad’s Dead

Full Disclosure: I bought this game like a pleb. Worth it. This game was one of the highlights of BitSummit 2017. Getting pissed drunk on the river and listening to Scandinavian metal for a bit with one of the developers of this game was also a highlight. I don’t remember much else, but I looked […]

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unWorded – Pictures from Letters

When you think of France*, you think of ennui, of world weariness, of mimes, of overly verbose stories that still leave you staring at the remnants of raw extruded humanity (some of it yours) on the floor as you wonder if you’ve wasted your entire life on flights of triviality.     It’s true. You’ve […]

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The Shrouded Isle

Full Disclosure: I don’t listen well to directions. I know one of the devs, but I paid for the game. Also, he knows I like messing with his shit. Also BIC Fest Breakdown coming in a few days.     Life is about making the right choices. The Shrouded Isle is about making the wrong […]

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Prison Architect – Cubicle Schmubicle

Full Disclosure: It’s 1:37 am and I’m a little tipsy. I recently quit my job. This job had 22 weeks of paid vacation. Now I work in a cubicle in an office for 3 weeks of paid vacation (but a healthy pay bump). Being under the harsh glow for a continuous nine hour stretch for […]

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