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Engare – Geometry, But Fun

Not to be confused with Geometry Butt Fun, out next year on the Nintendrix Switch.


Engare – Level Selection Screen


I saw Engare this weekend on the Indie Game Developers Facebook group, and decided to give it a go, since it just released on Steam and was on sale.

I’m a sucker for a discount.

It’s a game about geometry, specifically about visualizing how every area of a shape translates and rotates across space with the whole, and with other shapes. Visualize a wheel. The centre of a wheel travels in a straight line as a wheel rotates down a path, but the outer edge moves in half circles. Being able to visualize this difference is key to understanding the game’s main mechanic.


Engare – First Level


There have been very few times in my life where having a physics degree has comes in handy. This was one of them.  Every level animates in a predicable pattern, which allows you to track down the exact path you need, relatively quickly. When you get the knack, the game becomes a little bit simple, but it’s still enjoyable enough to play through. The graphics and music are pretty nice and relaxing, perfect for the odd occasion you may get stuck for a bit. I’m looking forward to some of the later levels where you have to map the location of several pivots.

I’ll let you know if my statement of it being “a little bit simple” was premature.

When you finish a few levels, you unlock the pattern designer, which takes a pixelated square that you design and translates it onto cups and cylinders. I’ve only reached the third level, so I’m not sure if anything else opens up, but I did see a Spectrograph-esque line designer on Facebook.


Engare – Envisioning the path.


Not too much to say about this one. I like it. It reminds me of my time in the Middle East, checking out mosques and other traditional architecture. If you got a bit of time and want something to play around with, I’d recommend this.