Back to Japan – Otaru and Mega Night

TLDR: Japan is for drinking. While I can’t say this statement has been true for my whole life, or for even times as recent as 10 years ago, I do loves me some Japan. I think after moving out of the country, we needed a few years apart to grow and develop, and now that […]

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Otaru – Lemon Sours & Games

Things are getting a little crazy in Burpyfreshia. I quit my job, and took another job doing social media work. Basically, I get paid to use Twitter and Facebook. It’s a living hell. I mean. I like Twitter and Facebook. I just don’t necessarily like everyone else on Twitter and Facebook. They sometimes send me […]

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Seoul Indies – August, 2017

Seoul Indies is something that is worth more of our time. It’s a place to watch or give presentations on anything game related, a place to talk and play video games, and a place to drink cheap Korean beer. Most importantly, it’s a place to see if your idea is shit, or something you should […]

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