Blog (Pre-Medium)

The ReBurpining 2019

Welcome, ladies and gentlemans to Burpy Fresh Dot Com.

Cutting to the chase before I get into some more personal deals. This website has been mostly dead for the last few* months and I wish to make it slightly more alive. I have a couple of plans for that beginning with the Burpy Stream Show.

I’m going to be doing some regular streaming. Not a whole lot to start, but it’ll be late on Tuesday evenings Korean Standard Time. 10:00 PM – Midnight most weeks, and I’ll stay up later if a game is super cool of if cool people are hanging in chat.

Stream is at 
10:00 PM Every Tuesday Night KST

Schedule for April
April 2: Don’t Feed the Monkeys
April 9: ????
April 16: Profit

I’ll be editing up the streams and putting them on our YouTube channel as the Burpy Stream Show. Enjoy stream summaries and my jank video editing skills.

I’m also aiming to get some more indie reviews up on a weekly basis. The goal is one review every week plus a blog post about something or other.

Burpy Mission

I’m going to ramble a bit about my goals for this site and I guess my life at this point.

What is this site even? Glad you asked. I’m a dude who likes games and likes writing things that might even be witty on occasion about them. However, I don’t have a ton of time (hence the limited streaming schedule), so I’m trying to do what I can here to share what I can about some cool games.

What kind of games? Indie games mostly. It’s the hip and cool part of the gaming industry with small teams making weird things. I like small weird things. I don’t have any access to publishers or anything. I know a few devs from meeting at trade shows and such, but mostly the games that go here are the ones that amuse me.

Which means that Burpy Fresh ain’t gonna be a place to catch the hot new Indie News. There are other sites for that. I get word of a couple of cool games here and there or find something I like on the internets and I play it. I’m getting older and crankier everyday and have less head space to devote to keeping up with the treadmill. Bottom line is that sometimes you will get a game from 2015 or something, and like I know that’s old to people with no sense of perspective, but it’s whats going to happen. Heck, I’ll probably just go play a bunch of Cave Story at some point.

That being said. If you have a line on something cool. Send it my way. I’m easily suggestible. I like to show up at the indie game shows around East Asia, so say “hi” if you see me.**

What are your life goals vis-Ă -vis games? Ah, the million dollar question. A variation on “what are you even doing with your life, dawg?” I’d like to do more with making games, but my skills and interests don’t really run towards programming. I dunno, this is kind of an existential crisis for me right now…

I’m a classically trained musician of sorts, and I’m working up the skills and the courage to make and share some electronic jams that might be game material in the future. I’m hoping to devote some space on this website to my journey. It’s a learning curve.

So what is the “mission”? To gain some skills in streaming and video editing. To meet strange new people, and play strange new games. To make make wack video games style jams. To boldly burp cause I just have run low on my god-given supply of forks and like just need to share things that I enjoy without much regard to judgement be it my own better judgement or the judgement of people who think they are cool or of the dark gods that watch us from afar with their unblinking eyes that show neither pity nor contempt nor love.

*Six is not really “few” but work with me here.
**Or pretend not to know me, cause I’m just like a rando guy with a website and an oboe. Whatever. I don’t need your noise anyways.