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Back to Japan – Otaru and Mega Night

TLDR: Japan is for drinking.

While I can’t say this statement has been true for my whole life, or for even times as recent as 10 years ago, I do loves me some Japan. I think after moving out of the country, we needed a few years apart to grow and develop, and now that I’m more mature, and I don’t have to deal with its everyday bullshit on a regular basis, Japan is again like a second home to me, full of enjoyment and wonder, and booze, and video games.

So back again I went into the fire, this time to both Tokyo and Kyoto in one trip, in search for the best drunkenest parties in the country, and people to talk about game dev with. I was not disappointed.

I left on Thursday morn, a chill wind from the north whipping through the trees, keeping my vodka at just above freezing. I questioned my own behaviour on Facebook, regarding always taking early flights, to which I received an immediate and repeated response.

“You’re a cheap bastard.”

The truth is hard to take at 3 am.

But after a short flight, a nap, and like 40 plates of sushi, I was off and rearing to go to Otaru, Tokyo’s video game industry weekly meet up. This was my second time visiting, and I was pleasantly surprised to be remembered, and not beaten to a bloody pulp on sight. It’s a super welcoming crowd. Y’all my fucking heroes.


I don’t remember everything that happened, but these people know how to do up a Thursday night. Add some Kyoto peeps in town in the mix and dayum it’s nuts. We sanjikaied at a burrito shop where I had a few coronas and I woke up in bed the next morning, covered in mikan chuhai, trying to piece everything together over Twitter.

Them lemon sours pack a punch.

Twitter remembers all.

Pukey and 40, I rolled out of bed around 10 and trundled over to Narita T3, and dead-plebbed it JetStar to KIX, Kyoto bound to Mega. (Kyoto peeps took the train like civilized human beings.)

Mega, which I think might be a secret, but then again might not be, and no one reads this anyways so it doesn’t really matter, is Vitei Backroom’s RR celebration of video games, friendship, and alcohol. On Mega Eve, the three 1/2 kingdoms declare peace for a day, and all come together to rejoice, for there is ample booze in the freezer.  It is a time of joy and glee. And, for the second time in 24 hrs, I woke up with the taste of mikan chuhai in my mouth.

It’s the taste of freedom.

The rest of the time was spent handing with ex-Seoulites, and getting dat soosh. Good times.

Oh and Mushroom cocktails. That’s a mushroom cocktail up there.

Kyoto loves gin.

10/10. Would recommend.

Will get back to reviewing games this weekish.


Blog (Pre-Medium)

Otaru – Lemon Sours & Games

Things are getting a little crazy in Burpyfreshia. I quit my job, and took another job doing social media work. Basically, I get paid to use Twitter and Facebook.

It’s a living hell. I mean. I like Twitter and Facebook. I just don’t necessarily like everyone else on Twitter and Facebook. They sometimes send me penises. And not good penises either.

But, since the new job doesn’t start until like the 18th, I’m like all fuck it, Jeju Air got some 200 bone tickets to Tokyo, so lemme get some of them Otaru Lemon Sours.

Some back story. Adam Bolton, of at various points CNet, Polygon, a bunch of places, and amazing beard fame, is on Facebook like every week about them Lemon Sours they got at Otaru. Otaru is a meet up for game industry people, and it has been for a few years I think. People from the big guys, as well as mid range companies all seem to pop in from time to time.

Also, Adam is amazing. Done back story.

Adam is very happy to be in this situation.This is the precise moment of when I became intolerable.

I’m sure they got other drinks there, but honestly, four of those bad boys and I was off the wall. They are fantastic. So refreshing. So inebriating. Also, you get an actual half lemon and a squeezer to do it up proper.

You know Japan knows how to do it up proper.

But onto important things, basically me. I think I was charming while I was there? Though honestly, around last train, being laughed at is as just as satisfying as being laughed with. I told a few stories, I listened to a lot of stories. I talked about my needs from male adult products in proper context.

Basically, it was a good night of hanging out. So many cool people, which I really want to write about here, but then I’m that guy who goes and name drops all the famous people he met all over the place. Adam’s not famous (yet*) so I can put his name here for the next year or so, but everyone else will have to remain a mystery.

(Just check Twitter instead from the night of September 7th! I am that guy! I AM TOTALLY THAT GUY)

The night ended hanging almost under a bridge drinking delicious convenience store boozy drinks before last train.** I managed to get back to my place, but it was only through keeping my brain occupied and alert through drunk Facebooking.***

Next week is BIC in Busan! More then.

*Keep an eye on that one.

**Mikan IS the best flavour. I will never doubt you.

***I’m really good at drunk Facebooking. Like you don’t even know the flavour.