Project.99 – Space Romance?

Full Disclosure: I really only do this section to try to make myself feel better about my poor life choices.

Project.99 is a monthly revisited collection of experimental games by a number of members of the Out of Index and Seoul Indies crews, as well as other developers in South Korea.

And by experimental… we mean experimental. This is some weird shit yo. Most of it is weird good. Some of it is weird confusing. Some of it is weird, scare the shit right out of you. There’s a platformer that builds levels based on your IP address. There’s a QWOP like game where you compete against other QWOPs that learn from you how to QWOP properly.* There’s a game where you can’t blink or that chick from the ring will come of your monitor and destroy you. There’s even a bomb that you need to set your computer to sleep to deactivate.

All sorts of awesomely weird shit is available, but I’m going to go through some my favourites from their collection so far.

Probably the most easy item to understand as a game would be RP6 by Sun Park from Project.99 – 1702. It’s a 6 button RPG, based on that month’s theme of ZXCVBN. (Sorry M, you suck)

RP6 from 1702 by Sun Park

In RP6, you control the adventure of a pixelated warrior. The warrior makes his way across the screen and back in a fixed time, each step leading them to an encounter with a monster, an elixir or a bottle of poison. Elixirs regain HP, poison causes the warrior to lose HP, and battling enemies lowers HP in return for XP which allows you to level up, bringing forth larger monsters etc. Each of the encounters is “controlled” from left to right by the Z X C V B N keys. Pressing either one of those keys will switch out the current encounter with something else at random. Running low on HP? Try to get some elixirs. Need to level up? Get some monsters in there. Poison? Bash that key and hope to glob it turns into something better.

Really, you just need 5 minutes for this game, but it’s pretty fun.


MATH GAM3 from 1708 by Jaewon Yoo, Jooeun Hwang, and Sun Park


MATH GAM3 is a simple math puzzler. You’re given an answer, and you have to find the correct numbers, and toggle the operators to solve the problem. The trick is, you have to swap out numbers in the equation with those that exist anywhere else on the screen. Any number is fair game, including the solution, the timer, the date… You can technically live forever if you’re good enough! I wish I could do this with my bank statement. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM SO FUNNY.


Space Romance from 1804 by Sun park, Jaewon Yoo, Jaehyun Yoo, Jooeun Hwang


Aesthetically, this one is my absolute favourite. It’s about the passionate romance of two space-eyeballs with tongues for some reason. Each eyeball is controlled from the point of view of the other, which changes from space-eyeball to space-eyeball every 10 seconds or so. Using WASD, get the two balls close enough to each other, and they’ll start mekkin it like there’s no tomorrow. I mean it sounds easy, and I know you want to get them balls a-mekkin, but you really have to be on your game with this one. The controls are finicky, and it’s very very easy to get lost in even this small of an area.


Space Romance from 1804 by Sun park, Jaewon Yoo, Jaehyun Yoo, Jooeun Hwang


That being said, when you’re out of range of the other eyeball, you’ll get the helpful “Where are you?” message to let you know you’ll be screwed when the camera changes. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it is for me to find someone to mek with in real life, so I’ve actually spent a bit of time with this one.

There’s like 15 other games, too. Go check them out. They’re on itch.



*They’re facked if they think I’m going to get good enough for me to save them.