Puzzle Puppers – BF Takes All Challenges

Full Disclosure: I bought this game on Steam like a pleb.

Burpy Fresh is not one to walk away from a blatant marketing scheme poorly disguised as a flippant tweet. Oh my no.



Nosiree Barbara, we’re going in this one paws-a-flailing straight into the sunset.

Puzzle Puppers, while sounding like a dog-based microwavable food substitute, is a puzzle game by Cardboard Keep. It’s a fairly standard affair as puzzle games go, with 80 levels all centered around a extended path-finding/line-drawing gimmick, like you’d see in those Layton-esque joints. In the standard version of this type of puzzle, you typically have multiple characters that have to navigate the map to their required destination in a way where none of the paths can overlap. In Puzzle Puppers, you get that, and a few innovations that make the game a bit more interesting.


How is this not uncomfortable?
Puzzle Puppers – Getting Theirs


Actually, there are exactly two innovations. The first is the incorporation of one-way streams. Pups can’t go against the current, and can’t stop themselves from flowing to the end.* The second is that you can stretch and unstretch pups whenever you like.* Together, these creates a few interesting effects that at first, this doesn’t seem like much, but when you realize that you can use one pup to block up a part of a stream to give another pup clear passage, and then still be able to remove the first pup to place it somewhere else without affecting the second, it adds a new level of gameplay which I think sets PP apart from others similar titles.


Puzzle Puppers – A more complex level


But really though, I’m not going to lie. I do actually have a few issues with this one. And I mean, the devs kinda asked for it. For one, the ocean effect in the background gave me mad mad motion sickness. And two, the game’s a bit expensive at 5 bucks. At most, it should be around 3-4. Overall though, the puppies are cute, and some of the level design is pretty good. If you liked this type of puzzle game from Layton or elsewhere, you’re going to enjoy this. Pick it up on sale.



*BF to Dev: Real Talk 1. Even though they have the ability to stretch themselves for miles and miles they can’t use that to go one block up stream? Like, just pull a Jake and use the volume to get your inu ass upstream. It’s not even that strong of a current! Look at that piece of ham just sitting on top of the water, it’s not even wobbling. There’s no way these dogs couldn’t have figured this out.

*BF to Dev: Real Talk 2. What are these pups made out of? I don’t know where you get your pups, but only Long Cat has the magical abilities you’ve assigned these neon pups.

*BF to Dev: Real Talk 3. I’m going to simultaneously pass an olive branch and up the ante here. Here’s a terrible stream. Take a listen, tell me why it stinks 😛