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Underdev’d #3 – Learning Blender

Welcome back to Game Dev with the Underdev’d #3. We’ve come along way people. Burpy Fresh’s first game ever has been met with incredible critical approval.

Three downloads!

Admittedly, developing something that requires 4 PS2 controllers was likely not a good idea.

Onwards and upwards! Fast forward a year. Nothing has happened. Yay! Basically, I’ve started a number of different projects, and have left them in varying states of disarray. I was bemoaning this fact while watching YouTube and having several bowls of ramyeon when I saw a YouTube ad that wasn’t some k-pop garbage. Udemy was having a sale on their Blender course.

I was like, shit, I can get 20 bucks worth of knowledge out of this, and so I bought it. I was also thinking, “Hey, maybe if I make a 3D game and just make it look 2d-ish with a well placed orthographic camera, and I can get around all the problems I’ve been having trying to define a walkable space on a jpg when I should really just be using a nav mesh.

I don’t know if that makes sense. If it doesn’t, please tell me, because I don’t want to take a 60hr Blender course just to learn that all I needed to do was to not be shit at coding.

I have to admit, while they need to get their Q&A/Community interface in order, the course overall is pretty good. I’d used Blender for all of 20 minutes before, and ended up messing up the the interface so much I ended up deleting the program and reinstalling it from scratch. This is probably why they have a whole section of lectures based just on the interface, and how to clean things up when everything’s gone to hell.

I also made a Mayan temple, and a room that I managed to import into Unity (WITH colliders), and everything worked normally. It was a wondrous occasion.

I now have a box in which I can move and not clip through.

So, I’m going to stick with this Blender stuff, probably through to the end of the course, then start up again and see what mess I can get myself into. @curttheinvert has some amazing ideas… it would be nice to put some of them to use!